Creative Spaces


A creative space is organized and functional. Stress is not conducive to creativity. A room that is well-organized, clean and functional allows its inhabitants to focus. You can concentrate less on problems and more upon possibilities.

A creative space is integrated. A unified space, one combining different elements of your life (work, relaxation, entertainment, hobbies, fitness), not only provides you with convenience but also gives you variety. Switching gears and changing up the pace can alter your perspective, providing you with an abstract point of view and enabling you to think outside of preconceived parameters.

A creative space is simple. Simplistic and natural surroundings calm the mind. If possible, allow natural light into your area. Also, consider using lamps. Lamps are portable and can be moved around for versatility, plus they tend to not be as harsh as overhead lighting. A space offering an outdoor view is great for fostering creative ideas. Additionally, instead of a lot of art, consider plants and indoor greenery. Utilize natural elements and keep the space clean, airy and neutral.

A creative space is inspirational. Personalize your area. Display your awards. Keep your goals in plain sight. Place your purpose and your vision in plain view. Reminders of where you are heading along with what you’ve already accomplished will keep you motivated and focused.

A creative space is inviting. Develop a space where people want to be. Nothing generates ideas like community and collaboration. Make your space comfortable and intriguing. Make people want to stay and chat.  

A creative space is relaxing to the body and stimulating to the mind. Choose textures, patterns, symbols, colors, scents and sounds that motivate and inspire you. Most importantly, be creative with your space and have fun!