The Author

Good things can come from pain…

For over a decade, I did a wonderful job, he told me, but the past couple of years, not so much. No job-related specifics or reasons were provided, just a long list of personal actions and attributes which he felt made me veer out of alignment with his organization’s values. Whatever those were.

As a last-ditch weak effort to prove my worthiness as a property manager, I gulped and meekly whispered, “but I will complete my master’s degree in management after just two more classes.” My boss quickly, boldly and loudly retorted, “before you manage anything else, you need to first learn how to manage yourself!”

Well even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and in a few short months, I’d come to find out just how painfully right my ex boss was. In an act of sheer human preservation, I began applying entrepreneurial principles to my everyday life.

Amy holds degrees in Management & Psychology. Her primary work & research interests are in Property Management, Entrepreneurship & Human Development. She currently lives in Texas & works in the Real Estate industry.