Moon’s Ancient Enlightenment

Bridging darkness and light, our moon is the silvery essence of change and balance. Although we only see one side of the moon’s surface, her whimsical temperament portrays a multifaceted personality full of practical charm and dreamlike mystery. Luna demonstrates stability and composure, reminding us to be in control of our emotions, to be persistent, resilient and dependable.

Our moon also tells us to never stop dreaming and wanting more. She motivates us and tells us not to let fear hold us back. The moon represents mission, movement and momentum. Luna aids us in getting things done, slowly but surely, creating something from nothing through resourcefulness.

In the awe of any precious moment, our moon teaches us to be reverent of our history as we write the chronicle of our future. The moon is mankind’s ultimate journey. She has been the centerpiece of man’s fascination since the beginning of recorded time. Although earth’s counterpart from the beginning, much of the moon’s wondrous mystique remains almost mythical. She’s with us always, yet still so elusive.

The moon appears to be the same size as the sun. In reality, the sun is much larger. The moon appears larger when its on our horizon, but in reality, it’s size is consistent. It looks so bright, yet it actually has a dull surface. The moon instructs us to look beyond appearances, to find new angles and to gain different perspectives. Don’t be gullible or merely take situations at face value. Look for answers. Search for truth. Always question.

Both reflective and future oriented, Luna’s elegant nostalgia never deviates from her promise of a new day. She serves us with her unwavering reliability. We are comforted knowing that her routine is one of the very few trustworthy things in this life. Processes are good. They make everyday tasks easier.

But our moon tells us not to let ourselves become too set in our ways. Although we share our own little corner of the galaxy, our destiny is much different from that of Luna’s. We can’t allow ourselves to become too predictable. Sometimes, like the sun, we have to burst forth with innovative spontaneity.

Though seemingly aloof, the moon is actually quite contemplative and revealing, distant yet mindful of its earthly counterpart. Luminous, lucid and intuitive, she is our beacon, illuminating a way out of the murkiness, revealing paths to take and decisions to make. The next time you look up and see the moon for all it’s ethereal magic and heavenly intrigue, remember her traditional wisdom, recall her cosmic experiences, embrace her gracious lessons and be grateful for her patient insight.

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