The Yogi & The Entrepreneur

A Yogi and an Entrepreneur? At first glance, they are seemingly polar opposites, from completely different sides of the planet, with totally conflicting views. One relies on spiritual knowledge, the other on business savvy. One exudes mystery, and the other brims with realism. One simply meditates while the other actually creates. On the surface, they seem as different as night and day. Upon closer examination, you will see that they actually have a lot of common. The Yogi and the Entrepreneur share fundamental characteristics which make them each valuable to those they serve.

  • Leaders. First and foremost, the Yogi and the Entrepreneur are both leaders. Always striving for improvement, they set the example for others to follow. Using their capabilities fully in order to assist others, they inspire, guide and motivate. For both leaders, the ultimate objective is transformation. They each continually strive in meeting their greatest capacity, aiding others in doing the same.
  • Learners. Two factors of motivation are intellect and application. You have to know what to do before you can actually do it. Progress is the result of a process aimed at learning via observation and reflection. Gracefully balancing dual roles of both teacher and student, the Yogi and the Entrepreneur treat any situation, good or bad, as both constructive and instructive.
  • Problem-Solvers. Like the Master of Meditation, the Entrepreneur is a solutions oriented problem-solver. They are each very driven. Their focus is on possibilities and potential rather than on problems, on outcomes rather than obstacles. For these two, problems are just merely the side effects of progress.
  • Innovators. The Holistic Mystic aims at improving effectiveness and efficiency by integrating fragmented parts of the body and the mind. The Impresario of Innovation is also quite adept at improving upon existing methods and systems. Both of these masters use their core strengths in reordering and reintegrating resources and capabilities, providing creative answers to life’s dilemmas.
  • Focused. Surrounded by constant chaos, the Yogi and the Entrepreneur utilize control techniques in reaching their goals. They each have a method, a strategy, a plan intended to reach optimal results while accounting for unexpected circumstances. With perseverance and patience, they steadily push towards their vision, adapting to change and overcoming any obstacles along the way.
  • Resourceful. The Yogi and the Entrepreneur are both keen at making the best out of limited resources and ever-changing conditions. They accept situations as they are, with satisfaction, regardless of surroundings. Each believe in doing their best at any task, accepting results, good or bad, detaching from negativity and then creatively seeking change. They are each firmly grounded with self-control and a “go with the flow” attitude.
  • Balanced. Both know that in order to gain, some things have to be risked and some things must be sacrificed in their entirety. Both Yogi and Entrepreneur know how to assess needs and balance resources, knowing when to give and when to take take. For both, balance and stability, coupled with flexibility, is a fundamental key to success.
  • Authentic. Both Yogi and Entrepreneur share keen senses of self and direction. Each knows his purpose (where he is) and his vision (where he’s headed) meaning that they are each aware of their necessities. Rather than mindlessly living to satisfy compulsions and addictions, they mindfully pursue their needs and worthy desires. A balance of emotion, not worried or overly elated, liberates one from bondage. This freedom enables the Yogi and the Entrepreneur an escape from repetitive unproductive patterns, allowing them to focus upon serving their purpose and working toward their vision.
  • Action-Oriented. Understanding is knowing something through theory. Realizing is knowing something through experience. Although seemingly very lofty and idealistic, the Yogi and the Entrepreneur are actually both very practical and results oriented. They are doers not dreamers. They each know how to maximize both inner and outer potential in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Yoga, like entrepreneurship, is a disciplined endeavor, an opportunity for growth and expansion, a journey, intended to culminate in creating better circumstances and optimal conditions for the benefit of all.

A Yogi and an Entrepreneur. See? They aren’t really so different after all. The Yogi and the Entrepreneur provide a good example of how preconceived notions are just that- mere perceptions. Don’t feel as if you have to fit a certain mold. Reality can only be created by the individual. So use your Entrepreneurial… om… Yogi mindset and build your own you. Be who you are and develop into the future self you see, not what someone else thinks they see in you.

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