Compose a Brilliant Script: Say a lot with Color!

“Color is the language of the soul” – The FengShui Society

Whether you find yourself tickled pink, green with envy or true blue through and through, color will affect you. Color can impact your mood. It can relax you or boost your energy. Color can foster creativity. It can be inspiring and motivating. Color can alter your image. It can convey a certain message. Color can tell a story. What can color say for you?

  • Red is the color of energy, passion and ambition. Red is a physical color, stimulating action and building strength and stamina. An overabundance of red can portray aggression or danger.
  • Yellow is uplifting, bright and celebratory. It builds self-confidence and promotes optimism. Yellow is both rational and intuitive. Yellow stimulates the intellectual side of the brain involving memory and decision-making. Yellow also stimulates the creative side of the brain, generating new ideas and perspectives and promoting future-oriented thinking. Too much yellow, or the wrong shades of yellow, can signify cowardice or anxiousness.
  • Orange provides warmth and joy. It is a natural antidepressant. Orange promotes optimism and self-confidence. It enhances communication. Orange also symbolizes intuition and instinct. However, it can also be superficial, insecure, domineering and unpredictable.
  • Blue is the color of the night so it’s quietness makes us feel relaxed, soothed and protected. Blue is cooling. It can also a color of clarity and imagination. Blue signifies sincerity, persistence and influence. Blue can also signal aloofness or avoidance. It can also imply that one is too generous, sentimental or sensitive.
  • Green is strongly tied to nature. Green signifies growth, harmony, safety and stability. We instinctively turn to green in times of stress for comfort, calm and balance. Green can also be a symbol of materialism.
  • Purple can symbolize power, lavishness, wealth, ambition and independence. Purple is also associated with mystery and an unusual atmosphere. Purple stimulates the right side of the brain, meaning it promotes vision, imagination, inspiration, intuition, creativity and psychic ability. The color purple is associated with beauty, artistry and music. Purple is also connected to authenticity, wisdom, balance, spirituality and meditation. However, purple can also suggest living in a fantasy world or attempting to escape from reality. Additionally, it can signify suppression, inferiority or gloominess. Purple can also stand for decadence, irritability, arrogance or impatience.
  • Pink is a color whose connotations can vary depending upon cultural views. It can be considered either masculine or feminine. In western cultures, pink emits feelings of love, tenderness, nurture, safety optimism and innocence. Too much pink can give an image of vulnerability, naivety, silliness, shallowness or immaturity.
  • Brown portrays stability, security, protection and family support. It promotes companionship and a sense of belonging. It enjoys the comfort provided by friends and family. Brown is about solid wealth tempered with frugality and moderation. Brown also values quality material possessions coupled with practical hard-working common sense. Brown is honest, genuine, sincere, responsible and reliable. It signifies structure, style, class and maturity. Brown portrays calm contemplation and respects orderliness and organization. It prefers remaining quietly in background rather than attracting attention. Like green, brown is earthy, organic and balancing. Since it can be a combination of many colors, brown is also versatile. On the downside, brown can sometimes be considered too safe and boring, too predictable and even cheap or stingy.
  • Gold stands for power, abundance, wealth, success and advancement. It is a color associated with inspiration, wisdom and respect. Gold is loyal, stable and traditional. However, gold can also be viewed as bossy, controlling, judgmental, obsessive and pretentious.
  • Silver is the color of the moon, meaning that it portrays change and balance. Silver is fluid, emotional, intuitive, purifying and mysterious. Like the moon, silver is both reflective and future oriented. Silver is modern yet traditionally elegant. However, silver can be seen as indecisive, cold or insincere.
  • White means purity, peace and protection. It is neutral and impartial. White can be comforting and cleansing. White also symbolize independence and openness. An overabundance of white can be cold and isolating.
  • Black stands for strength, authority and prestige. It also implies elegance and mystery. Black is silent and represents the infinite and the uncharted. Black is protective yet restrictive.
  • Gray is adaptable and dynamic. Gray can symbolize the future and mystery. Gray is all about self-control and independence. It can be a shield from outside influences, but it can also be cold, lonely, uninvolved and separating. Existing somewhere between black and white, gray can portray indecisiveness and conformism. Gray is looked upon as being stale and dreary and often carries with it connotations associated with fog, clouds and smoke.

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