The Entrepreneur & the Feng Shui Master

The Entrepreneur and the Feng Shui practitioner are both masters in the art of placement. The most concordant grouping and distribution of assets will determine the experience, the chances of success.

Either of these experts must know how, when and where to position himself and his possessions within his given environment in order to maximize potential. The proper location, arrangement and alignment of people and possessions lead to optimal standing.

Like the Feng Shui guru, the Entrepreneur realizes that an improperly organized scheme will block energy and cause problems. Each know how to arrange an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, communication and harmony.

The Entrepreneur and the Feng Shui expert each know how to properly align resources in order to maximize efficiency and capability. They design the best possible formation for the most efficient deployment of resources.

Each specialist relies on a mix of common sense and intuition, integrating assets and identifying patterns. Both recognize the value of practical knowledge combined with good old fashion luck and superstition.

Like the sage of Feng Shui, the Entrepreneur walks a tightrope with graceful balance, fully utilizing the yin and the yang of each asset and every circumstance, featuring any strength and leveraging any weakness and deploying both practicality and creativity.

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